Monday, November 17


yup yup,
feeling a teeny weeny bit more
upbeat today.

i did a nice lil drafty draft
of the flash for the entry to my
site, please tell me what u think!

it still has some way to go
but its a start. i'll make another
upload when its finished.

going to watch Quantum of Solace
later with my reg group and i think i've
seen almost all the Bond movies.
dad made sure his little girls didn't
grow up like girlie girls, so while
other little girls played with barbies,
my sister and i were climbing trees.

i know its old but this song
has been in my head for a bit.

random me fact:
i love almost every movie genre,
except romance,
i'm sure you saw that coming.
i especially love a good indie film!

1 comment:

Jah Rootz said...

It looks like a bee. I didn't see that one coming. =) I LOVE IT!