Saturday, November 8

my 'short' absence

damn...just when I was
going good with the daily posts.

I have a good excuse tho...
yesterday I was attending
my graduation from university.

What a good feeling it is to be
finished... I have paid my dues,
and am now officially own my
entry ticket into the workforce.

Funny how it works, we pay
to be qualified to work,
depending on the area of course.

Anyway to the expand on the title,
Kings is a drinking game that I'm
going to play with some friends tonight.
Some people may be familiar with the
game, depending on the amount of persons
playing, it can be a lot of fun or a sure way
to cirrhosis.

Google it as there are many variations
to the game but we play as the following:
2 - You
3 - Me
4 - Whores (or Ladies as I prefer it)
5 - Never have I ever
6 - Dicks (Men)
7 - Heaven (last one to raise their hands drinks)
8 - Great (everyone drinks)
9 - Bust a rhyme
10 - Categories
Jack - one step back drinks
Queen - Questions
King - This person makes up a rule for the game
Ace - Waterfalls
Joker- the bathroom card. are not allowed to leave the table with out the bathroom card.
Which you can beg, borrow, steal or negotiate.


Random 'me' fact:

I'm a rum and tequila drinker, never vodka.


Anonymous said...

im swearing off rum for a lil while. and tequila. bad things happen. now i'm slowwwly slipping wine (red and white)

artsybee said...

I love a good red wine, a nice Chianti or Pinot Noir.