Friday, February 27


what a week it has been since
i last blogged. a mountain of
work was put on my shoulders
and having gotten through it,
now i can enjoy the wkend.

seems that a couple of my fav
blogs are also on some down time.
the obama|insects|cupcake|knitting
loving bugheart hasn't posted in 3 weeks,
and i haven't seen any sketches from
the kids at chicken nugget lemon tooty
in 2 weeks. no photos and witty taglines
from mike at what it all looks like either.

not to mention cam who is holding
the record at 5 weeks.

withdrawal is hitting me and hard...

enjoy the wkend!

Wednesday, February 18


yesterday while i was online
window shopping thru
naeem khan's latest collections,
i clicked over to gucci and fell in
love again

the gucci 'hysteria'

yes please, one in every colour!

i'm such a sucker for a big handbag.
this lovely creation is $1995 (usd, just to clarify).

if i had $1995 to spend like that,
then i'd add $4 and buy this instead.

wacom cintiq 21UX

i would love me one of these.
the mr had gotten me a pretty
nice wacom tablet one christmas
but this would blow that one
clean out of the water.

*adding to the wishlist*

Tuesday, February 17

wishlist ♥

love it!

love the colours, a nice fiery accent

i'd prolly leave off that back piece
but texture is so intricate, gorgeous

not sure if this would have quite the same look
on someone more busty but love it all the same

naeem khan is really speaking
to me with these pieces.

since im sure one of these will
run me $500 or more,
i'll be satisfied with just oogling
at the pics for now.


love this song,
so soulful


i know this is a lil late

or extremely early

but i found these unique
vday gift ideas on and thought
i'd share.

the above was my personal favourite

Monday, February 16

vday and so forth


a trio of yummies.

this vday my mr. treated my mom,
sister and of course, me, to a
fabulous cappuccino cheesecake.

that cake tastes like all sorts of

we were early lovebirds this year,
as we had our wkend getaway the
wkend before, and ate at one of
my fav restaurants on the fri night.
so saturday was very chillaxed.

rubber for bones

montage was a nice show,
production wasn't as big as i thought
it would have been and the
juggler was having an off night
but all together was quite nice.

Friday, February 13


i dont know what it
is with me today but
everything metal i
touch shocks me!

minimal yet

stuff i did during my
short down time.

have a great wkend all!

Thursday, February 12


have i mentioned i love art?

just one of the many things
i dabble in, more so than
others since i chose one
of its many paths as my career.

all art forms and media
except perhaps this...
i mean really i'm all for
expressing yourself through
whatever means but keep
the feces in the toilet!

maybe i'm just not avant-garde

anyway, i used to sketch and
paint nonstop until a couple
years ago and i miss it terribly.
i'm more than grateful for my
steady paycheck but fulltime
work occasionally sucks.

i happened upon this blog recently,
Chicken Nugget Lemon Tooty
which i found quite entertaining
and refreshing and made me think
i ought to start sketching again.

those 3 kids (10 and under i believe)
have their drawings posted by
their dad, who is also a top notch

check it out.

Tuesday, February 10

loverly contd

more pics from my loverly wkend

i'm just a sucker for sunsets

this was the name of a beach stall
selling towels, swimsuits, flags
and other jamaican memorabilia,
as well as 'pot' induced high flying
experience it seems.
since no jamaican calls marijuana pot,
this was def all for the tourists.

the owners of one stop shop and pot
were also obama/biden supporters.

made a trip to a water park,
this is the view of one of the
rides from below.

this ride i called the toilet bowl
as i really felt like i was being flushed.
you are shot through the blue tube,
out into the bowl, spin around it twice
before flying into the pool below.

all in all it was a loverly wkend


i think maybe i ought to
change the name of my blog
to wkend lover.

or lover of wkends.

anyway, another fab wkend
coming up come friday.
with v-day or loveout day
on saturday and then this

on sunday. always wanted to see
a cirque du soliel performance,
so i'm looking forward to this.

Monday, February 9


what a loverly wkend.
nothing like a much
anticipated country

lychee martini, yum!

i normally have these without the
fruit punch they added but it
was still a quite a nice drink.

i collected shells with various
projects in mind. a necklace here,
a ring there. perhaps even a
decoration on the knitted bag
also in production.

my silhouette...

and the highlight of the evening...except for that cloud

Wednesday, February 4

knit knit

this is very late but this is
one of the gifts i made for
my mom for christmas.

the pics came out a lil dark
but it was a cream coloured
acrylic yarn, with cream
coloured satin lining and a
zipper and snaps to complete.

now i'm working on a black
bucket bag with a short strap.
pics later!

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