Wednesday, May 20


good50x70 holds a design competition
each year as of recent to help promote
social communication.

there are several social issues put forward
by different charities and organisations.

i chose women's right violations associated
with amref and the below is the result.

Friday, May 15


a now 2 two old mother's day gift

accidental...but turned out interesting


just looked polaroid worthy

have a great wkend!

Wednesday, May 13


hope you're not one of these!

could getting to the top feel
rewarding after taking credit
for someone else's hard efforts
or however else people use
others to get ahead?

not my style.

Tuesday, May 12

today's mood forecast

i've been maintaining a very
positive outlook while
pondering over some things
like what's my next big step.

what's your mood forecast
like today?

Monday, May 11

went a lil crazy with this line
from kiss by prince.

just a lil.

how was your wkend?

i spent saturday making preparations to
spoil the most important lady in my world,
and then succeeding in doing so on sunday.

twas a hit! anyway...everyday can be
mother's day esp when u have a great one.

til tmr

Friday, May 8


'the ties that bind...'

i thought about the various aspects
that come to together to form a large
part of the life that we live.

these are all things that we are
defined by, whether we like or

i'm pretty sure almost every war
or conflicts was sparked by one or
more of these. with the exception
of drunk bar fights.

tgif, hope you enjoy the wkend!

Thursday, May 7


so far i've remained anonymous
on my blog, with few people
knowing who am i or at least
what my name is.

there are some details about
myself here and there in
various posts that my beloved readers
(the three of you know yourselves)
may have picked up. or not.

either way, maybe one day i'll
tie my blog into my website and
my name will on display for all
to see.

Wednesday, May 6

what if...

'its not like i have a money tree in
my backyard you know'

i'm certain everyone has heard this
expression or something close to it
at least once in their life.

usually when you're a kid longing
after a flashy toy or game you'll use
for maybe a month.

so anyway, i've seen illustrations of
money trees time and time again, but
i wondered...well what about the other
things that elude us from time to time
in life what would a love tree
look like?

that's mine below.