Tuesday, March 31


cam: flo rida is performing that spin round song on Ellen
me: really
i miss watching ellen
cam: she's so funny. halle berry was the guest.
i really dont understand how she looks so good after having a baby..at 42 at that
me: its called money
cam: hmm..maybe
me: money = personal trainer
money = more time to exercise
cam: true
me: plus she prolly has killer genes. like us.
cam: lol
me: we're cool, dont worry about it
cam: haha
me: while our men will be rubbing down their pot bellies
we'll counting abs
cam: lolol
thats funny

female drivers

this was too funny.
these women just give
the rest of us superb drivers
a bad name!

bleeding eyes

ever had one of those days
at work where you've
staring at the screen all
day and you feel like your
eyes are about to bleed?

my optician isnt going to
be pleased on my next visit.

Monday, March 30

time is flying

a field of bunnies

another week has begun,
time seems to be pumped
up on enhancement drugs
or something.

happy monday

Friday, March 27

thank god its friday

need i say more?

here's to weekend of getting things done,
lots of rest and double the fun.

have a good weekend!

Wednesday, March 25

what does real life look like

'real life doesn't fit into little boxes
drawn for it

my favourite line from unbreakable
which i watched again last night.

some emotions and situations can be
challenging to capture or represent with
lines, curves, colour and texture.

life's boundlessness can be so tricky.

♫♪ ba dum dee ♫♪

today i'm listening to...

revelry - kings of leon

water and a flame - daniel merriweather feat adele (heart this song)

when you're around - frankmusik

she loves everybody - chester french

chillin - wale feat lady gaga

down & out - kid cudi

beautiful - under the influence of giants

little black sandals - sia

welcome to the heartbreak - kanye west

Tuesday, March 24

anyone have a map?

usual idling

i'm feeling quite ho hum-ish today,
not bored, more tired than anything.
hopefully i'll find the energy to do
some of the below
  • show my violin some long awaited love
  • finish knitting the black bucket bag
  • today's nike core workout + yoga
  • start the sketches to go on the closet
  • catch up on united states of tara
in other news did u know that the
performance of magic or miracles
is called thaumaturgy.

hope it was an upbeat tuesday!

my tiny art director

so i've been needing a pick-me-up
of late and today i stumbled on
this blog, tiny art director.

i love the concept behind it.
bill zeman posts illustrations
along with some hilarious
critique from his 4 yr old

check it out.

Monday, March 23

one bottle of energy please

i heart this ad.
it just makes me happy.
so many things i wish i
could bottle up like that breeze.

like the 74°- 84° weather that i have
pretty much year round.
i'd fedex a bottle of sunshine to my
cousin in amsterdam where its 34°.

or bottle up some of my 3 yr old
brother's energy for my personal
use on the days that my energizer
batteries are running low.

i wish.

Friday, March 20

my cubicle

this made me laugh yesterday.
reminds me a lot of what work
is like for me sometimes, minus
the cubicle. its only 4 of us.

have a merry weekend!

Thursday, March 19


me | mr | pm

pm: i have an idea
pm: lets us call in sick on monday...

me: i wish

pm: or we could clone ourselves... and send the clones to work
and we stay home and idle

me: lol
me: genius

pm: except if the clones know their clones... they would protest

me: we can engineer them without free will

pm: even better
pm: we just make robot clones.. that way we dont
have to feed them either
pm: cuz thats expensive

me: very
me: does this mean that we could actually escape reg life for all 3 months
me: while our robots work
me: and collect salary

pm: exactly

me: sounds really good
me: so when u talking to God about these creations

pm: i'm working on it.... i have a whole list of things i want to talk
to him about... this one ranks fourth... below destiny vs. free will;
the jews; and jello

next project...a darkroom(?)

so now i've discovered that no where
in jamaica sells or develops 120 film.

that sucks.

just when i was returning back to my
original polaroid choice, mr. suggested
that i have my own darkroom.

i found some great info online on how
to develop photos here and some more
useful info on how to print them here.

would be quite an undertaking...but i
had decided i would have one regardless
in my own house so perhaps i'll get
serious about it.

hope it doesn't become #3832776 on
my to-do list.

shake it like a polaroid pictuuuure

i want need must have a polaroid camera.
i don't know why the sudden urge but
i want one!

before checking the local overpriced
stores here, i thought i'd look online.

was surprised to find that my
first stop (best buy) had none...

my next stop was at circuit city...
where i was greeted with a closing notice.
again surprise...and shock as well.

a search at radioshack brought results
for batteries...i was beginning to think i
was spelling it wrong or something.

staples, walmart...nothing
and then of course...amazon.
saves the day as always.
so i might get this

and i say might because after doing some
research now i want this.

now i just need to find out if i
can get and develop 120 film locally.

Wednesday, March 18

pics a la mother nature

a tree bug bit me on my way back
from the country one trip and i
was obsessed with photographing
trees. kinda hard to do in a moving
car but i got the job done.

Thursday, March 12

when you play with fire...

you will get burned.

lesson learnt for me,
quite literally.

there are occasional brush fires
here whenever the hills get too
dry, except this one had been
burning and spreading for quite
some time and quite closely to
residential areas.

so a small adventurous (foolhardy)
group of us decided to go and get
a look. i wish i had a better camera.

right as i was taking this picture,
the wind picked up and blew
some hot embers toward our way.
PM and i took refuge behind the
car until it was done.

next time i'm staying in the car.
or at home.

lights of the firetruck

Wednesday, March 11

meet dev

A result of the usual downtime
at work, i think its pretty obvious
why i called him dev.

Tuesday, March 10


what do you see when you look
at this picture?

i think art and its subsets can
serve as a looking glass sometimes.
your interpretation of it tends to
be either what you think the
artist was seeing/feeling or wants
you to see/feel or some mash-up
of your own emotions.

when i snapped that, i thought
'flying solo' but now i wish i were
afloat in that boat.

Monday, March 9


are you one of the 1,091,121
(and growing) persons who
watched this girl blow up
a hot water balloon bottle?!

hope it was a happy monday.

Friday, March 6

closet update

remember this?

well im thisclose to striking
my custom closet off my list.

this is one of 3 pieces.

my good friend called me today to
let me know what my finishing options
were. i opted for paint since i want
paint a design onto each pieces.

time to start sketching!

enjoy the wkend!


'i believe in an open mind, but not so
open that your brains fall out'
-Arthur Hays Sulzberger

i came across this quote a week or so
ago and found it funny but quite fitting.
i think i'm liberal to an extent but there
are others who just lack boundaries.

like them

their goals are beyond liberal.
just plain criminal.

any designs/photos i put here
were done or taken by me
otherwise there is a mention
of where i found it or a link.
just to clarify.


i'm always on the hunt for
eye-catching stuff.


considered my eyes caught.

that is the kind of stuff
i want to be doing during
my 9-5. not mundane resizing
of already done logo to fit a
factory's imprint on a mug.

occasionally (almost never)
i get to do something fun.

anyway, check out his
portfolio if you haven't done

*2 or so of the pieces includes
partially exposed women,
so kids, cover your eyes*

up up and away

this is so pretty.
and an interesting history as well.
these lanterns were once used
as a means of communication.
lanterns, pigeons, morse code,
snail mail, e-mail, cellphones...
safe to say we are a pretty
innovative race.

though i wonder just how
environ-friendly 5,000 random
paper lanterns are.

Thursday, March 5


the train hopping bag


would be even nicer in a bright
turquoise or a fuschia.

i've discovered another why
i'm happy grateful i don't have a credit
card and its called modcloth.com

i found this site while i was
checking out designformankind,
a new fav blog.

maybe its a good thing they're
also sold out of all the stuff
i really like.

Wednesday, March 4


i'm not pleased to say that
i've fallen behind on some
minor goals that i made
over the past six or so months.

i did finally get my violin repaired
(yay me!) but i haven't seriously
played anything more than a few
chords since then.

i found an exercise alternative
after finding that the gym was
not for me. nike has an innovative
training widget or app for ur iphone.
(in my case, ipod touch)
it offers 5 different programmes,
(strength, core, flexibility etc)
with appropriate videos.
i was happy when i found this,
but have i used it since signing up
and making a lil virtual me?

i have done zero knitting the past
couple weeks, the search for the
'just right' car is well...stagnant.

procrastination is my enemy.

Tuesday, March 3


pictures from yankodesign

hp needs to get on this asap.
although it'll probably just be
added to my evergrowing

a girl can dream...

Monday, March 2


in years past it used to be that
i rarely ever watched tv.

that hasn't really changed but
there are a couple shows (new and old)
that have my attention.

i've been a law and order addict
(SVU being my fav)
from birth or soon after anyway.
i judge seasons when watching
reruns based on olivia benson's

other shows i picked up more
recently like House which has
hooked me mainly by the medical
details. very interesting just how
many ways your body can fail you.

and then there's my 'pleasedontgetcancelled'
show, united states of tara on showtime.
this series just speaks to the abnormal
psychology obsessed part of me.
i recall actually wishing for DID
(formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder)
when i was about 10; a by product of
reading my mom's psych books i'm sure.
life must have not been interesting
enough for me then.

thankfully some wishes dont come true.

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