Thursday, November 26

money hungry

why does money affect us in such negative ways?
it turns us into corporate zombies (bad or good thing?),
makes us buy lottery tickets with dreams of
being the lucky soul (out of millions),
makes us completely disregard others' lives (steal, extort & kill),
and invest in the sticky webs of get rich quick schemes
that make us do crazy things like sell the house
that we have made our home to invest.

its actually sounds a bit like we can't do without it.
for some people, keeping up with joneses is the bane
of their existence.
some people work to make life better for those who come after them.
some people just want to go through life without having to worry
about not having the basics.

of course its never as black and white as that.
i'd just say i'm not money hungry.

Monday, November 16


pat⋅tern –noun

1. a decorative design, as for wallpaper, china, or textile fabrics, etc.
2. decoration or ornament having such a design.
3. a natural or chance marking, configuration, or design: patterns of frost on the window.
4. a distinctive style, model, or form: a new pattern of army helmet.
5. a combination of qualities, acts, tendencies, etc., forming a consistent or characteristic arrangement: the behaviour patterns of teenagers.

i love patterns just as much as i love a nice solid colour.
often made through repeating one or more single aspects,
or sometimes many unique aspects that complement each other.
sometimes it just requires taking a step back to see the pattern
of the bigger picture.
sometimes a step forward so we can see what we are missing.

you can find a pattern in almost anything,
and the same is true for our lives.

Wednesday, November 11


i'm a sucker for bright colours.

from gucci

i especially love to see neutral colours
with bright, fun colour playing peek-a-boo
as the mastermind designers at gucci did
with this ensemble.

2 months...

time really does fly when you're caught up with other things.

a lot has happened in the past two months such as:
-birthdays (mr., his bro, my sis)
-cam moved her blog to tumblr
-death of my laptop (basically)

time to get the ball rolling again!

taken by mr.

Thursday, September 10

the Sitooterie

no words.
i would love to see this in person.
heatherwick studio are the engineers behind this masterpiece,
located at barnards farm, essex, uk.
each one of the tubes have a orange tinted transparent end
that produces the glow when the light is on in the middle of the cube.
heatherwick studio has some amazing pictures
of their projects on their website.

(first picture from tall engineers, second and third pictures from heatherwick studio)


{mine is the one on the right}

i love this giant teacup!
i felt very much like a lilliputian
or alice in wonderland holding this.
it is a plant pot that i bought as birthday gift,
and i've been thinking to get some smaller ones for myself
and planting some white or lavender azaleas.

Tuesday, September 8

paper butterflies

my current desktop is so dreamy.

Monday, September 7

oh, these rainy days...

i love a rainy day.

maybe the only occasion that i don't fully appreciate
a rainy day is when i'm wearing one of my bridget's sandals.
{leather, mind you}
i'm not a terribly big fan of water in my shoes.

rainy days while at work aren't so great either.
that sleeeeepy feeling is automatic when i hear rain.
one minute you're looking at the screen, the next...

i find rainy days enhances the following {for me}:
coffee/hot chocolate
movie marathons

what do you like to do on a rainy day?

Sunday, September 6

the rebirth of polaroid film

finding polaroid film has become really difficult but fortunately there's hope!

the unknown

another t-shirt design.

things of the 'unknown' *read as freakish|bizarre|screamyourlungsout* realm have been taking over my subconscious of late. the last being a nightmare dream where tiny spiky creatures dig their way into your body and eat your insides leaving skin. every time they ate, they grew, but they feared direct exposure to sun a la non-humans in i am legend.

i really don't know where i get these things from. perhaps i should give stephen king a call.

Friday, August 7

summer breeze

i'm wishing for some summer breeze right now,
the heat is brutal! we're at 90°f, feeling like 93°f
today according to and i'm feeling
very grateful for air conditioning, otherwise i'd
be sticking my head in the fridge.

a day like today calls for some ben and jerry's
chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.

Monday, August 3

love defined

"Love is a temporary madness. It erupts like an
earthquake and then subsides. And when it subsides
you have to make a decision. You have to work out
whether your roots have become so entwined together
that it is inconceivable that you should ever part.
Because this is what love is. Love is not breathlessness,
it is not excitement, it is not the promulgation of promises
of eternal passion. That is just being "in love" which any
of us can convince ourselves we are. Love itself is what
is left over when being in love has burned away,
and this is both an art and a fortunate accident."
-St. Augustine (the movie Captain Corelli's Mandolin)

quote from here

Saturday, July 25

the dutch master

when was the last time you were on a bicycle?

cycling used to be something i'd do after
school, round and round the crescent i
used to live on. it was fantastic exercise.

if jamaica were like the netherlands or sweden
where cycling is a very popular mode of
transportation, perhaps i'd be cycling to and from
work too.

to be more precise, these are my top reasons
for not making it my regular transportation.

1. heat. its simply too hot to ride to work. i heart
the a/c in my car so much esp this summer.

2. baggage. i can't imagine myself, my laptop,
handbag and occasional gymbag working out so
well on a bicycle.

3. safety. i'll just leave that there.

that being said, if i go do my M.A. in sweden or
feel the need to step up the exercising, i'd get one
of these below.

presenting the dutch master by core77

check it out.

Wednesday, July 22


i've been putting my designs on t-shirts
last couple of days, and i'm liking the results.

i call this one... ABCDNA.
because it sorta looks like a DNA strand.

Tuesday, July 21

just smile

ever found that someone's pleasant
demeanour just made your day that
much better?

i designed this using a quote by janet lane.
'of all the things you wear, your expression
is the most important.'

keeping a positive attitude makes the day
so much easier and not just for others either.

quote by janet lane

one of my fav happy quotes is
'A laugh is a smile that bursts'
~Mary H. Waldrip

Monday, July 20


gents, please pay attention!

the mr. recently got this advice from
a married friend who told him to make
this his mantra {for the future}.

apparently repeating this mantra makes
married {cohabitual} life easy.

i found the thought of men hypnotising
themselves quite funny so i made a lil
design for the future and present
zombie husbands {life partners}.

chant it loud and chant it proud!

Thursday, July 16


i'm a sleepwalker.
or i used to be.

amen to growing out of things.

i started locking my door every night
because i'd wake up in odd places &

it was also kinda scary when you have
stairs right outside the bedroom door.

oddee posted an article on unbelievable
sleepwalking stories

this by far was the most unbelievable.
gave me a good laugh after a long day
of work.

i really wonder what bizkit was
dreaming about.

would you live here?


this is the waldspirale in darmstadt, germany,
and i am officially in love.

actually i can't make up my mind.

this place looks like something out of tim
burton's mind, something i could see in
one of his movies.

no two windows are the same, and
painting on the outside makes me think
of the un-birthday cakes in alice in wonderland.

i love the whimsical feeling.
i wonder what the interior looks like?


i got this pic from here

i looove these signs!

oddee made a post on creative and funny
toilet signs, the above being my fav.

Thursday, July 9


discovered this here today.
i would love one of these!

Sunday, July 5


i made this little pattern today.
kinda reminds me of a christmas
wreath if it were the right colours.


Sunday, June 28


sometimes in the hustle and bustle
of life, you take the things for granted.

Thursday, June 18


i was browsing core77 recently
and came across this.

image taken from core77

this innovative chair was created by
fiam (really nice site) and was showcased
at milan design week 2009.

not entirely sure how i'd feel about
sitting in this but its pretty nice.

click here for more innovative designs
from milan design week 2009

Tuesday, June 16

most likely to...

click image for bigger view

the above is very subjective.
someone who really enjoys
their job might have different thoughts
but the above is mine...for now anyway.

i had named the days for my friends but
some of these statements might leave
me a friend or two lighter.

in my school's yearbook we didn't have a
'most likely to...' and i have no idea what
would have been mine but i took a shot
at this.

it doesn't really describe what my days
are like, because sometimes i have pretty
awesome tuesdays and thursdays.
its more of me giving a personality to the days.

Tuesday, June 2


aahhh...that elusive road to success.
so many different roads lie ahead,
don't u wish that the right road
was painted in a bright magenta or
had success written all over it.

that would take some of the fun/heartache
out of life.

Wednesday, May 20


good50x70 holds a design competition
each year as of recent to help promote
social communication.

there are several social issues put forward
by different charities and organisations.

i chose women's right violations associated
with amref and the below is the result.

Friday, May 15


a now 2 two old mother's day gift

accidental...but turned out interesting


just looked polaroid worthy

have a great wkend!

Wednesday, May 13


hope you're not one of these!

could getting to the top feel
rewarding after taking credit
for someone else's hard efforts
or however else people use
others to get ahead?

not my style.

Tuesday, May 12

today's mood forecast

i've been maintaining a very
positive outlook while
pondering over some things
like what's my next big step.

what's your mood forecast
like today?

Monday, May 11

went a lil crazy with this line
from kiss by prince.

just a lil.

how was your wkend?

i spent saturday making preparations to
spoil the most important lady in my world,
and then succeeding in doing so on sunday.

twas a hit! anyway...everyday can be
mother's day esp when u have a great one.

til tmr

Friday, May 8


'the ties that bind...'

i thought about the various aspects
that come to together to form a large
part of the life that we live.

these are all things that we are
defined by, whether we like or

i'm pretty sure almost every war
or conflicts was sparked by one or
more of these. with the exception
of drunk bar fights.

tgif, hope you enjoy the wkend!

Thursday, May 7


so far i've remained anonymous
on my blog, with few people
knowing who am i or at least
what my name is.

there are some details about
myself here and there in
various posts that my beloved readers
(the three of you know yourselves)
may have picked up. or not.

either way, maybe one day i'll
tie my blog into my website and
my name will on display for all
to see.

Wednesday, May 6

what if...

'its not like i have a money tree in
my backyard you know'

i'm certain everyone has heard this
expression or something close to it
at least once in their life.

usually when you're a kid longing
after a flashy toy or game you'll use
for maybe a month.

so anyway, i've seen illustrations of
money trees time and time again, but
i wondered...well what about the other
things that elude us from time to time
in life what would a love tree
look like?

that's mine below.

Monday, April 27

something to think about

- henry ellis

Friday, April 24


i'd love to relax under a palm
tree at some point this wkend.

enjoy the wkend!


i started out with superhero in mind
and somehow it just ended up

Thursday, April 23


to me!

happy thursday everyone!

Wednesday, April 22

happy earth day

earth as i think it should be

didn't i say april was a good month?
happy earth day all.
i feel the same way about earth day
as i do valentine's day, mother's day,
father's day etc.
we really don't need a designated day
to show love and care to earth.
(or your mom and dad at that)
every day is earth day as my
fellow blogger says.

so let's keep it clean. and happy.

off topic, i'm actually excited for
my bday tmr. :)

Tuesday, April 21

have you seen this?

pic from

i love folgers' advertising idea.
these were places on manholes
around one of my fav cities
new york.

definitely an eyecatcher.

flower hat

happy tuesday.
see the contrast between the
bright happy colours of the flowers
and doleful, dull look on the face.

my mood today is probably right
in the middle.
here's to teetering over to the
bright side.

Monday, April 20


i'm sure most people have seen
these pictures already but there
is something to be said for having
a comfortable work environment.

when i grow up i want my business
space to look like this.

the google office in zurich | pics from

click here or the pictures for more enviable office space.
click here to apply for a job at google.