Saturday, July 25

the dutch master

when was the last time you were on a bicycle?

cycling used to be something i'd do after
school, round and round the crescent i
used to live on. it was fantastic exercise.

if jamaica were like the netherlands or sweden
where cycling is a very popular mode of
transportation, perhaps i'd be cycling to and from
work too.

to be more precise, these are my top reasons
for not making it my regular transportation.

1. heat. its simply too hot to ride to work. i heart
the a/c in my car so much esp this summer.

2. baggage. i can't imagine myself, my laptop,
handbag and occasional gymbag working out so
well on a bicycle.

3. safety. i'll just leave that there.

that being said, if i go do my M.A. in sweden or
feel the need to step up the exercising, i'd get one
of these below.

presenting the dutch master by core77

check it out.


Dallas Shaw said...

love this bike!

Some random guy said...

Can I come with you to do your masters... I'll buy you the bike