Thursday, September 10

the Sitooterie

no words.
i would love to see this in person.
heatherwick studio are the engineers behind this masterpiece,
located at barnards farm, essex, uk.
each one of the tubes have a orange tinted transparent end
that produces the glow when the light is on in the middle of the cube.
heatherwick studio has some amazing pictures
of their projects on their website.

(first picture from tall engineers, second and third pictures from heatherwick studio)


{mine is the one on the right}

i love this giant teacup!
i felt very much like a lilliputian
or alice in wonderland holding this.
it is a plant pot that i bought as birthday gift,
and i've been thinking to get some smaller ones for myself
and planting some white or lavender azaleas.

Tuesday, September 8

paper butterflies

my current desktop is so dreamy.

Monday, September 7

oh, these rainy days...

i love a rainy day.

maybe the only occasion that i don't fully appreciate
a rainy day is when i'm wearing one of my bridget's sandals.
{leather, mind you}
i'm not a terribly big fan of water in my shoes.

rainy days while at work aren't so great either.
that sleeeeepy feeling is automatic when i hear rain.
one minute you're looking at the screen, the next...

i find rainy days enhances the following {for me}:
coffee/hot chocolate
movie marathons

what do you like to do on a rainy day?

Sunday, September 6

the rebirth of polaroid film

finding polaroid film has become really difficult but fortunately there's hope!

the unknown

another t-shirt design.

things of the 'unknown' *read as freakish|bizarre|screamyourlungsout* realm have been taking over my subconscious of late. the last being a nightmare dream where tiny spiky creatures dig their way into your body and eat your insides leaving skin. every time they ate, they grew, but they feared direct exposure to sun a la non-humans in i am legend.

i really don't know where i get these things from. perhaps i should give stephen king a call.

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