Sunday, June 28


sometimes in the hustle and bustle
of life, you take the things for granted.

Thursday, June 18


i was browsing core77 recently
and came across this.

image taken from core77

this innovative chair was created by
fiam (really nice site) and was showcased
at milan design week 2009.

not entirely sure how i'd feel about
sitting in this but its pretty nice.

click here for more innovative designs
from milan design week 2009

Tuesday, June 16

most likely to...

click image for bigger view

the above is very subjective.
someone who really enjoys
their job might have different thoughts
but the above is mine...for now anyway.

i had named the days for my friends but
some of these statements might leave
me a friend or two lighter.

in my school's yearbook we didn't have a
'most likely to...' and i have no idea what
would have been mine but i took a shot
at this.

it doesn't really describe what my days
are like, because sometimes i have pretty
awesome tuesdays and thursdays.
its more of me giving a personality to the days.

Tuesday, June 2


aahhh...that elusive road to success.
so many different roads lie ahead,
don't u wish that the right road
was painted in a bright magenta or
had success written all over it.

that would take some of the fun/heartache
out of life.