Monday, April 27

something to think about

- henry ellis

Friday, April 24


i'd love to relax under a palm
tree at some point this wkend.

enjoy the wkend!


i started out with superhero in mind
and somehow it just ended up

Thursday, April 23


to me!

happy thursday everyone!

Wednesday, April 22

happy earth day

earth as i think it should be

didn't i say april was a good month?
happy earth day all.
i feel the same way about earth day
as i do valentine's day, mother's day,
father's day etc.
we really don't need a designated day
to show love and care to earth.
(or your mom and dad at that)
every day is earth day as my
fellow blogger says.

so let's keep it clean. and happy.

off topic, i'm actually excited for
my bday tmr. :)

Tuesday, April 21

have you seen this?

pic from

i love folgers' advertising idea.
these were places on manholes
around one of my fav cities
new york.

definitely an eyecatcher.

flower hat

happy tuesday.
see the contrast between the
bright happy colours of the flowers
and doleful, dull look on the face.

my mood today is probably right
in the middle.
here's to teetering over to the
bright side.

Monday, April 20


i'm sure most people have seen
these pictures already but there
is something to be said for having
a comfortable work environment.

when i grow up i want my business
space to look like this.

the google office in zurich | pics from

click here or the pictures for more enviable office space.
click here to apply for a job at google.

the pomengrate

what would be your ideal all in one device?
check out the pomegranate here and be
sure to check out all its features and save
looking at the release date for last.
the flash on the site was eggcellent, loved it.

i'm not an all-in-oner. i dont mind the
separation as much as others, maybe because
i'm not willing to compromise some features.
so i always have my blackberry, ipod touch and
my underwater camera. until someone makes
my ideal all in one device.

happy 420!

Friday, April 17


here's to another great wkend
up ahead. here's to getting some
artistic work done over the wkend.
here's to staying dedicated to p90x
for at least a month and not lose any

have an exceptionally great wkend!


i should have put my hand beside
it so you see just how big it is.

i took a chunk out of my first initial
made of delicious dutch chocolate
this morning.

in other news, i'm trying to plan
an adult-not-pornstar loot bag
for my bday bbq tmr.

any suggestions would be welcome!

Thursday, April 16

curly or straight?

i don't mean to generalise but
i find that people are usually
not satisfied with what they

you have curly hair and you
style it so its straight or you
have straight hair and you
perm it so its curly.

poor people want to be rich
and while rich people certainly
don't want to be poor, they do
want to be richer.

maybe its just human nature

or maybe we just like to shake
things up every now and then.

some change aint so bad.

Wednesday, April 15


a few pics from jouvert this
past wkend.

there was less paint this year,
i guess nothing is recession proof,
but i wasn't greatly disappointed.
last year you couldn't see my skin
under all that paint and it took
a dip in the sea, being hosed off and several
shampoos and baths to get it all off.

this year it only took two showers.

the pics are:
the stage during the performance,
cam's back,
the roughly 100 ft appleton rum bottle
and my friends getting on bad to the

yay for saran wrap.

Tuesday, April 14

easter egg hunt

there was no chocolate in that egg...

i was emptying a straw basket that
i keep cloth in and noticed these
two small already hatched eggs
laying at the bottom.

i recognised them as lizard eggs
from my days of flipping over
every rock in my dad's backyard,
but given i was not in my dad's
backyard i found it...surprising.

i dubbed this my easter jurassic park experience.

Thursday, April 9

ice men

photo taken from here

i heart installation art.

circa 2006
brazilian artist nele azevedo
made hundreds of these icy
miniature sitting figures.

love it!

Wednesday, April 8


this video is a nice parody
of the latest social
networking tool, twitter.

myself, i am staying away from
twitter. not a great fan of the
word limit and inability to post
photos. blogger is more my style.

plus with all these options,
a girl could have a social
networking overload!

hi5, myspace, facebook, blogger,
twitter, wordpress, tumblr,
tagged, linkedin etc etc etc.

i say just pick 2 (or 3)

Tuesday, April 7

oh father time

if my clock at had activities instead
of numbers, this is what it could
look like.
just for the week days tho.
weekends are far more exciting.

what are your days like?

Friday, April 3

aaahh...friday ♥

yay for friday

yay for pm's bday

yay for my 100th post!

hope you have a great wkend!

Thursday, April 2


last month laura sweet at if it's hip, it's here,
posted a design competition for bond,
an 'eau de parfum' company.
i took the opportunity to create a
design for their new scent, brooklyn.
this is my entry below.

rachel papo

{image taken from rachel papo}

i happened upon rachel papo
on laissezfaire a couple days
ago and was instantly smitten.

although i stopped ballet 5 years ago,
the love certainly isnt gone.

take a look at some of her other
lovely works on her site.

Wednesday, April 1

april what?!

hardy har har har google.

i was looking for video on youtube
just now and something in my
recommended videos caught my
eye, so i clicked on it.
and being that today is april fool's day
it was upside down. completely.
i had a 'wtf' moment until i
remembered who owns youtube.

anyway april is shaping up to be
quite a superb month.

pm's bday is on the 3rd and her celebrations
start after work on friday and continue
on saturday with a bbq and bounce a bout! {lol}

the 10th and the 13th are holidays {yeeeeesss}
and we'll be down in the country for beach jouvert.
bring on the paint.

the 19th is the celebration for my
bday on the 23rd, and then cam on the 25th.

its gonna be a great month!


some morning shots as i waited
outside the office.

nature is so puurrrty.

i wonder if my friends would
be up for another blue mountain

minus the rat infested cabin it
should be fun.

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