Wednesday, April 1

april what?!

hardy har har har google.

i was looking for video on youtube
just now and something in my
recommended videos caught my
eye, so i clicked on it.
and being that today is april fool's day
it was upside down. completely.
i had a 'wtf' moment until i
remembered who owns youtube.

anyway april is shaping up to be
quite a superb month.

pm's bday is on the 3rd and her celebrations
start after work on friday and continue
on saturday with a bbq and bounce a bout! {lol}

the 10th and the 13th are holidays {yeeeeesss}
and we'll be down in the country for beach jouvert.
bring on the paint.

the 19th is the celebration for my
bday on the 23rd, and then cam on the 25th.

its gonna be a great month!

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