Wednesday, December 31


there was a hurricane riiiiiiiight beside us

blurry but it was such a nice night

damn those power cables

the sky is one of my fav things to
look at, no matter what the weather
is like or the time of day.

always gorgeous.

Tuesday, December 30

seven pounds

we all went to see seven pounds
last night and i have to say
i really liked it. its not really
a movie that everyone will
appreciate tho. other people
in the theatre were laughing
at inappropriate moments and
what not.

decide for yourself.

Wednesday, December 24

to everyone in the blogosphere you and yours, may it be a safe,
memorable and relaxing christmas.

top things to do this christmas:
+eat lots of food
+hug everyone (within reason)
+take lots of pictures
+keep smiling when an older
relative decided to share an
embarrassing story about you
+drink and be merry
+dont drive while merry
+be thankful for another christmas


Tuesday, December 23

christmas postcards

i did some really simple
christmas postcards to
go along with my gifts this
year and fedex to my
relatives in amsterdam.

i did these during one of
my idle spells at work.
it was 7 different designs
and these 3 are my favourite.

Monday, December 22


i would love to ________
the next two days away.

unfortunately i have to work
the next two days away,
a fact made worse by virtually
all my friends being on leave.
so while i am stuck in this cold
office from 8:30ish to 5:30ish
occasionally swamped/bored,
they'll be at the beach, getting
into all sorts of shenanigans.

anyway, all my gifts are wrapped
and awaiting delivery and just
one left to finish:
a knitted cream clutch with
satin finishings and lining.
just the zipper to put in.
i'll be sure to post a pic of the
final look.

until tmr

Friday, December 19


i hate having the flu.
actually i'm not 100%
that its the flu i was
coming down with.


thats a quick summary
of my days since my last post.


i'm not looking at this phrase
from a philosophical point of view.
i just thought about the words
and how we use them.
e.g best friends for life or
your name + [significant other]
for life.

i started thinking about just
how many things really end up
being for life. the decisions we make
along our journey can sometimes
leave significant changes but are
any of them really as permanent
as 'for life' suggest?
even the things that we hope
to be 'for life' like marriage can
turn out to be 'for the next 10 years'.

i'm lucky to have a couple 'through
thick and thin' friends and i certainly
hope to have those friendships ad vitam.

Tuesday, December 16


i know my destination
but im just not there.

a line from street lights
off kanye west's new album,
which im liking thus far.
certainly a different sound
from him.

speaking of destinations,
careerwise, my one of my
ultimate goals is to start up
my own business. the checklist
seems never ending, but its
nothing time, effort and wise
saving (and spending) wont fix.

it's 5 so im off,
enjoy your evening!

Monday, December 15

dying world

on my way home one rainy evening,
listening to some coldplay
the clouds were so dark i thought of
smoke, and this is the result of that.

i had actually sketched it in traffic
but it seemed to have grown legs
and ran away. the original sketch
had the smoke becoming more
distinct clouds.

until tmr


the second of the latin phrases

know thyself

i never discussed this particular
phrase in any of my phil. classes
but i've heard that to know yourself
fully is to understand other people
as well. i suppose in some way we are
all driven by some of the same things like
morals, religion, culture etc. but since all
those things can have diverse and contradicting
elements, i would never say that knowing
these things about myself gives me some
exponential insight into someone else.

i took the phrase in a slightly
different way.
forget everybody else.
maybe i don't know enough people but
i dont know very many who are certain
of who they are, what they stand for,
and what they want. given life's process
and the curveballs it can throw at us,
knowing these things is so important.

obviously these things will change with
new situations but i dont think i should
ever find myself just staying in a
relationship simply because its been 10
years or keeping a job solely because
it was the first one i landed out of university.

i think constantly evaluating what drives you
and what doesn't, what you believe in and what
you don't amongst other things help you stay
in touch with who you are, and knowing this
will make waking up 1, 5, 10 years down the line
and finding yourself unhappy or indifferent
with life is a lot harder.



i really dont have anything
against the day itself.
except that it is the first day
after a relaxing weekend,
that i must wake up at 7 am,
groggily pick out something
that matches to wear, have
a bagel smothered in cream
cheese and head to work.

if friday were the first day
of work after the weekend
i suppose i wouldnt like it
quite as much.

weekend was nice, the gift
hunt has shortened to 3 gifts to get,
toys for my two baby brothers
and a nice handbag for a friend.
i knitted a case for my ipod touch,

and my mother immediately
requested one for her phone.
watched two movies on sat, and
the typical movie dinner:
2 jumbo hot dogs and nachos
with spicy cheese.

im off now to earn my keep,
and i'll post on the second
latin phrase later.


Friday, December 12


some time ago my mother was telling
me that latin was a language option when
she was in high school.

so of course i got curious and started looking
up latin phrases and what not.

three stuck with me, the other two i will
share in later posts.

sapere aude (dare to know)

having done some philosophy courses
at university i know that Immanuel Kant,
a purporter of freedom, used this message
to encourage people to see outside what
they know... or something like that.
i know it was something more political,
but that's not really the interpretation i'm
going for here.

i'm all for looking and living
outside of the box and i'm
against people living
like drones following the
ant queen's every wish.

now i'm not saying to rise up
and start burning buildings
because you're disgruntled
with how the economy is,
but as citizens of whichever
country you're in,
you (should, hopefully) take
the initiative to be informed
and knowledgeable.
the government is there to
serve the people, when its the
other way around, there's always
a history of conflict.

on a non-sociopolitical point, i'd also
encourage taking interest in other
random things...learn a language,
learn to knit, if it won't take away from
you, then why not?

Thursday, December 11

goodbye work

i'm so tired of looking at the screen
right now. thankfully, its 5 and time to
go home.


brain's too fried to be any
happier about it.
i do have lots to look forward to
this weekend tho.
no more shotguns,
but i'm picking up cam from
the airport on saturday,
(she's moving back home so
life just got a lil more fun)

i hope to finalize all
christmas shopping and
gifts i'm making myself

this guy here was dubbed matthew by
ravioli, cam's manfriend, but i call him
my lil monster.

Wednesday, December 10


can you see the bubble?

this morning i found this moth just floating
in some water that collected on my sink.

i thought the little one was dead so
i lifted it out and much to my
surprise, it just fluttered right back in.

so i tried again to get it out of the water,
and again! straight back to the water.

i figured it was either very thirsty,
suicidal or was watching some underwater
activity my already un 20/20 eyes could
not see.


ignore my idleness, focus on the arrows

today's lesson:
do not fire shotgun if it has
slid from the proper grip.

here's some background:
during a lyme for a friend's
bday, a paintball competition
between the males and the females
was decided upon, with much
underestimation of the females'
aim on the guys part.

now to prepare for the faceoff,
one of us girls decided to prepare
by having all of us spend saturday
at a gun range with a specialist. was more like swat team
training what we got. i feel
prepared to fight off rebel troops
with all the running and ducking
and taking cover we did.

if you've fired a shotgun,
then you know the kickback from
the shot is pretty heavy esp
when you're petite with not much
arm strength as i. so you pretty much
have to keep it in a certain position,
otherwise what the arrows are pointing
to is sure to happen.

still, a lot of fun was had, quite a nice
girls day out.

Monday, December 8

dancing letters

i mentioned once before that the
most random things inspire me.


today it was an old typewriter
that sits temporarily on my
temporary desk.

i don't know if i need more
sleep or the spices in my lunch
were actually some hallucinogens,
but i looked at the typewriter and
thought about (saw) letters dancing across
the keys.

so i snapped a pic and did a lil thing
and there you have it.

so tell me what you think...
add at least an extra hour to my sleep regime
or am i just swaying between creative and...

Thursday, December 4


click for the bigger pic

i decided that i needed a new profile pic.

so rather than using my logo, i snapped
a pic, which i decided to photoshop a bit.

i think i went a teensy weensy bit overboard.

i liked all of these so i decided to make
a lil andy warhol type thing out of it
and then picked one for the profile pic.

Tuesday, December 2


this was taken on my way up to Blue Mountain peak

the image of the sun setting or rising
is one of my favourite things to look at

mother nature is the original artist