Monday, December 15


the second of the latin phrases

know thyself

i never discussed this particular
phrase in any of my phil. classes
but i've heard that to know yourself
fully is to understand other people
as well. i suppose in some way we are
all driven by some of the same things like
morals, religion, culture etc. but since all
those things can have diverse and contradicting
elements, i would never say that knowing
these things about myself gives me some
exponential insight into someone else.

i took the phrase in a slightly
different way.
forget everybody else.
maybe i don't know enough people but
i dont know very many who are certain
of who they are, what they stand for,
and what they want. given life's process
and the curveballs it can throw at us,
knowing these things is so important.

obviously these things will change with
new situations but i dont think i should
ever find myself just staying in a
relationship simply because its been 10
years or keeping a job solely because
it was the first one i landed out of university.

i think constantly evaluating what drives you
and what doesn't, what you believe in and what
you don't amongst other things help you stay
in touch with who you are, and knowing this
will make waking up 1, 5, 10 years down the line
and finding yourself unhappy or indifferent
with life is a lot harder.

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