Monday, December 15



i really dont have anything
against the day itself.
except that it is the first day
after a relaxing weekend,
that i must wake up at 7 am,
groggily pick out something
that matches to wear, have
a bagel smothered in cream
cheese and head to work.

if friday were the first day
of work after the weekend
i suppose i wouldnt like it
quite as much.

weekend was nice, the gift
hunt has shortened to 3 gifts to get,
toys for my two baby brothers
and a nice handbag for a friend.
i knitted a case for my ipod touch,

and my mother immediately
requested one for her phone.
watched two movies on sat, and
the typical movie dinner:
2 jumbo hot dogs and nachos
with spicy cheese.

im off now to earn my keep,
and i'll post on the second
latin phrase later.


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