Thursday, December 11

goodbye work

i'm so tired of looking at the screen
right now. thankfully, its 5 and time to
go home.


brain's too fried to be any
happier about it.
i do have lots to look forward to
this weekend tho.
no more shotguns,
but i'm picking up cam from
the airport on saturday,
(she's moving back home so
life just got a lil more fun)

i hope to finalize all
christmas shopping and
gifts i'm making myself

this guy here was dubbed matthew by
ravioli, cam's manfriend, but i call him
my lil monster.


camlikestojam said...

life just got PLENTY fun!!
he does look like a matthew. like one of those nice monsters.

now i want my own version..

artsybee said...

haha, this is my current desktop background.

i'll hook u up with a cam cam!

Anonymous said...

Matthew looks like sponge bob on crack