Wednesday, December 10


ignore my idleness, focus on the arrows

today's lesson:
do not fire shotgun if it has
slid from the proper grip.

here's some background:
during a lyme for a friend's
bday, a paintball competition
between the males and the females
was decided upon, with much
underestimation of the females'
aim on the guys part.

now to prepare for the faceoff,
one of us girls decided to prepare
by having all of us spend saturday
at a gun range with a specialist. was more like swat team
training what we got. i feel
prepared to fight off rebel troops
with all the running and ducking
and taking cover we did.

if you've fired a shotgun,
then you know the kickback from
the shot is pretty heavy esp
when you're petite with not much
arm strength as i. so you pretty much
have to keep it in a certain position,
otherwise what the arrows are pointing
to is sure to happen.

still, a lot of fun was had, quite a nice
girls day out.


camlikestojam said...

that looks painful..
hope u girls stand a chance now haha

artsybee said...

we stood quite a chance before thank you! hahaha