Friday, December 19


i hate having the flu.
actually i'm not 100%
that its the flu i was
coming down with.


thats a quick summary
of my days since my last post.


i'm not looking at this phrase
from a philosophical point of view.
i just thought about the words
and how we use them.
e.g best friends for life or
your name + [significant other]
for life.

i started thinking about just
how many things really end up
being for life. the decisions we make
along our journey can sometimes
leave significant changes but are
any of them really as permanent
as 'for life' suggest?
even the things that we hope
to be 'for life' like marriage can
turn out to be 'for the next 10 years'.

i'm lucky to have a couple 'through
thick and thin' friends and i certainly
hope to have those friendships ad vitam.

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