Saturday, July 25

the dutch master

when was the last time you were on a bicycle?

cycling used to be something i'd do after
school, round and round the crescent i
used to live on. it was fantastic exercise.

if jamaica were like the netherlands or sweden
where cycling is a very popular mode of
transportation, perhaps i'd be cycling to and from
work too.

to be more precise, these are my top reasons
for not making it my regular transportation.

1. heat. its simply too hot to ride to work. i heart
the a/c in my car so much esp this summer.

2. baggage. i can't imagine myself, my laptop,
handbag and occasional gymbag working out so
well on a bicycle.

3. safety. i'll just leave that there.

that being said, if i go do my M.A. in sweden or
feel the need to step up the exercising, i'd get one
of these below.

presenting the dutch master by core77

check it out.

Wednesday, July 22


i've been putting my designs on t-shirts
last couple of days, and i'm liking the results.

i call this one... ABCDNA.
because it sorta looks like a DNA strand.

Tuesday, July 21

just smile

ever found that someone's pleasant
demeanour just made your day that
much better?

i designed this using a quote by janet lane.
'of all the things you wear, your expression
is the most important.'

keeping a positive attitude makes the day
so much easier and not just for others either.

quote by janet lane

one of my fav happy quotes is
'A laugh is a smile that bursts'
~Mary H. Waldrip

Monday, July 20


gents, please pay attention!

the mr. recently got this advice from
a married friend who told him to make
this his mantra {for the future}.

apparently repeating this mantra makes
married {cohabitual} life easy.

i found the thought of men hypnotising
themselves quite funny so i made a lil
design for the future and present
zombie husbands {life partners}.

chant it loud and chant it proud!

Thursday, July 16


i'm a sleepwalker.
or i used to be.

amen to growing out of things.

i started locking my door every night
because i'd wake up in odd places &

it was also kinda scary when you have
stairs right outside the bedroom door.

oddee posted an article on unbelievable
sleepwalking stories

this by far was the most unbelievable.
gave me a good laugh after a long day
of work.

i really wonder what bizkit was
dreaming about.

would you live here?


this is the waldspirale in darmstadt, germany,
and i am officially in love.

actually i can't make up my mind.

this place looks like something out of tim
burton's mind, something i could see in
one of his movies.

no two windows are the same, and
painting on the outside makes me think
of the un-birthday cakes in alice in wonderland.

i love the whimsical feeling.
i wonder what the interior looks like?


i got this pic from here

i looove these signs!

oddee made a post on creative and funny
toilet signs, the above being my fav.

Thursday, July 9


discovered this here today.
i would love one of these!

Sunday, July 5


i made this little pattern today.
kinda reminds me of a christmas
wreath if it were the right colours.