Friday, December 12


some time ago my mother was telling
me that latin was a language option when
she was in high school.

so of course i got curious and started looking
up latin phrases and what not.

three stuck with me, the other two i will
share in later posts.

sapere aude (dare to know)

having done some philosophy courses
at university i know that Immanuel Kant,
a purporter of freedom, used this message
to encourage people to see outside what
they know... or something like that.
i know it was something more political,
but that's not really the interpretation i'm
going for here.

i'm all for looking and living
outside of the box and i'm
against people living
like drones following the
ant queen's every wish.

now i'm not saying to rise up
and start burning buildings
because you're disgruntled
with how the economy is,
but as citizens of whichever
country you're in,
you (should, hopefully) take
the initiative to be informed
and knowledgeable.
the government is there to
serve the people, when its the
other way around, there's always
a history of conflict.

on a non-sociopolitical point, i'd also
encourage taking interest in other
random things...learn a language,
learn to knit, if it won't take away from
you, then why not?


camlikestojam said...

a phrase i hope to keep living by.

dustingoolsby said...

thanks for your comment... i'll keep you updated on tha junk