Friday, April 3

aaahh...friday ♥

yay for friday

yay for pm's bday

yay for my 100th post!

hope you have a great wkend!


Mike Terry said...

(For your event coming up)
The Camera: My buddy Craig Dilger is a genius. He rigged it up for me. He took a two gallon clear plastic zip loc bag. The kind with the big plastic runner thing that closes it and put the camera inside there and taped the closure shut in the middle, sealing off the corners where the camera straps came out. Then he made two small holes for the lens and the eye cup and stretched the plastic over, then taped the holes down. Hope that makes sense. It worked perfectly, the only thing you had to remember was to wipe off your lens periodically. This wouldn't work as well with a point and shoot, you kinda need something with a protruding lens. But either way, clear plastic seems to be the way to go. If you are going to shoot with a point and shoot, I would wrap saran wrap really tight over the lens and then cut a hole in the bag and tap the hole down onto the camera. Let me know how it goes.

Mike Terry said...

if you use saran wrap, wrap it really tight, and test it out at home to make sure it works. also test it out with the flash, if the flash is inset it will mess up the exposure cause it will reflect off the wrap.

seanjonesfoto said...