Thursday, March 19


me | mr | pm

pm: i have an idea
pm: lets us call in sick on monday...

me: i wish

pm: or we could clone ourselves... and send the clones to work
and we stay home and idle

me: lol
me: genius

pm: except if the clones know their clones... they would protest

me: we can engineer them without free will

pm: even better
pm: we just make robot clones.. that way we dont
have to feed them either
pm: cuz thats expensive

me: very
me: does this mean that we could actually escape reg life for all 3 months
me: while our robots work
me: and collect salary

pm: exactly

me: sounds really good
me: so when u talking to God about these creations

pm: i'm working on it.... i have a whole list of things i want to talk
to him about... this one ranks fourth... below destiny vs. free will;
the jews; and jello

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