Monday, March 2


in years past it used to be that
i rarely ever watched tv.

that hasn't really changed but
there are a couple shows (new and old)
that have my attention.

i've been a law and order addict
(SVU being my fav)
from birth or soon after anyway.
i judge seasons when watching
reruns based on olivia benson's

other shows i picked up more
recently like House which has
hooked me mainly by the medical
details. very interesting just how
many ways your body can fail you.

and then there's my 'pleasedontgetcancelled'
show, united states of tara on showtime.
this series just speaks to the abnormal
psychology obsessed part of me.
i recall actually wishing for DID
(formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder)
when i was about 10; a by product of
reading my mom's psych books i'm sure.
life must have not been interesting
enough for me then.

thankfully some wishes dont come true.

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