Wednesday, March 4


i'm not pleased to say that
i've fallen behind on some
minor goals that i made
over the past six or so months.

i did finally get my violin repaired
(yay me!) but i haven't seriously
played anything more than a few
chords since then.

i found an exercise alternative
after finding that the gym was
not for me. nike has an innovative
training widget or app for ur iphone.
(in my case, ipod touch)
it offers 5 different programmes,
(strength, core, flexibility etc)
with appropriate videos.
i was happy when i found this,
but have i used it since signing up
and making a lil virtual me?

i have done zero knitting the past
couple weeks, the search for the
'just right' car is well...stagnant.

procrastination is my enemy.

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