Saturday, November 1

unfinished business

I love saturdays...I almost never know what to do with them anymore since I've broken free of my former job that stole my saturdays for almost 5 years.

Anywho...the above picture shows one of my unfinished swimsuits...I believe its been sitting there for maybe 3 weeks now. Not nearly as long as a certain black and cream satin blouse that has been waiting for a zipper for almost a year.

I've been finding myself with this tiny habit of keeping unfinished business in various areas.

*I would like to note however that this has never been the case for me with regards to work and academia.*

And yet still
  • my violin lies awaiting a new string, untouched for quite some time
  • 3 paintings are stored away waiting on that final 'wow' factor
  • the sketch for a new closet lingers on my sketchpad
  • flyers for various dance classes are overlooked
  • the birdcage that was to be resprayed and made fit for new get the point
(for the last, I told myself that it was because I didn't believe birds should be caged)
Most of the times, it isn't these unfinished things that engage my thoughts.
The unfinished or unresolved issues with the people I surround myself with are the ones that really get to me. (which is probably why nothing else gets done)

Even though these issues are very few and far between, there is an exception, one that I've learned to accept as it is rather than to fix.

Random 'me' fact:
I have a fruit smoothie every morning, its a great start to the day!

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