Thursday, November 6

how we see what we see and why

These two postcards that I picked up
in a bar in Amsterdam show one thing
but three very different ways that it can
be described, based on how you perceive it.

I got to thinking today about just how
terribly WRONG we can sometimes be
in a situation when we perceive something
or someone to be what they are not.

Making judgements is human,
I will be the first to say that I have
passed judgements on people and
situations and although I usually keep them
to myself, it does affect my thinking and
therefore sometimes my actions.

And there have been those occasions
where I couldn't have been more wrong.
Friends who were not friends...
people who I thought undependable were
the ones keeping me going through rough patches...
and the list goes on.

But its those times where I was right
that keeps that thought process going.
Getting out of a situation because
something...just didn't seem right...
only to have the situation explode.

Anyhow...I'm not a person for
the 'what ifs', life requires you to
roll with the punches and sometimes,
its just more fun that way.

P.S. I'm curious, what would you tick on the postcard?
Does it have to be one or could it be all three?

Random 'me' fact:

I don't sing in the shower...I dance

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