Sunday, November 16

caught in limbo

...okay so maybe i'm not caught,
but i'm certainly in an 'inbetween'

i never expected for there to be
an awkward transition phase
between my graduating from
university and joining the workforce

esp since i've been working part time
for the past 7 years; every weekend in
addition to a couple solid months.

and yet i still have this unexpected
conflicting feeling that i should be pushing
ahead faster than i am.

and it spills over into my projects.
i feel it most with my latest, a website
which i decided i had to have for whatever
reasons at the time and now i have no
intimation as to what i'm going to do with it.


just in case you were curious,
i stuck with my original choices
for dinner on friday and overall i thought the
food was good, it wasn't quite the bite out of
heaven i thought.

the coquille de mer was very nice, i love cheese
and the lobster and shrimp went well with it.
the soup du jour was pepperpot soup which i ♥,
so i opted for that instead of the lobster bisque,
and it was good although it wasn't the best I've had.
the grilled filet mignon had to be my favourite
dish of the night. i had mine done
medium well and it was so good!
the dessert sadly enough was the most disappointing,
the vanilla bean creme brulee with
caramelized rum on the top.
mine tasted of pure white rum which i dislike,
but dessert was just one down factor,
i still had a great time with some lovely people.

all this rain today is making it hard not
to just spend it sleeping.

random me fact:
i'm a chronic sneezer once i get going.

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