Friday, November 14

my artsy bee

it occurred to me a couple days ago
that I should put up a profile pic
on the blog.
I wasn't inclined to use one of
myself really, so I sketched this little bee
below on a 3" x 3" sticky note at work.
as it usually happens with my art,
I wasn't entirely certain what I wanted
to do...I was just sketching.
I drew a paintbrush on the
end of his antenna, thought it was cute.

After I was finished, I scanned it in and
vectorized it in Illustrator (♥) and then
coloured it. I added that red paint drop
just for a lil 'POP', even though my Mr.
who is also a designer, thought it was
I like the red.

The wings I drew in Illustrator because
I forgot them while I was sketching.

Like it?


Anonymous said...

the bee looks GREAT!!
your very talented

Anonymous said...

LOL i def thought it was blood too..but in the original sketch you can tell its a paint brush more. will you change your header as well??

Anonymous said...

The Mr. def loves it too...