Tuesday, November 11

body image

this is me!

I was thinking today about how we
view ourselves and how others view us.
Purely due to genes, I'm petite (5 3'')
with small bones. I have never really
(yet, children will probably changed this)
watched anything I've eaten
(unless its to ensure I don't have a heart
attack before 45... make that EVER)

In my teen years I did ballet,
modern dance and gymnastics,
but recently aside from occasional yoga
and 1.6 mile jog, for the past 6 years
I have had no serious exercise routines.

Now just to show you how different
cultures and personalities can
produce different body images,
I somewhat desired to put on some
weight (in the right areas). In the culture
I live in, a voluptuous figure, curves
and so forth is very appreciated.

My mother reminded me that I
will pack on weight after children,
so I'm no longer wishing for extra weight.
My point is though, no matter what my
society dictated or implied through media,
I was always happy with my appearance,
even when I went thru grades 1-6 with my
knees being bigger than my calves and
thighs (and ooo..the teasing...).

I believe when you are truly happy
with how you see yourself, that
confidence speaks more words
than eating once a day to maintain
a small size ever could.

This thought started when my
gorgeous sister who is 1 size up
from me, 3 inches taller with curves
straight off the cover of King magazine
...said she was fat...

You just never know what someone's
self-image is like, the most beautiful
woman or the most handsome man...
could have some serious self-image issues.

Random 'me' fact:

I am the oldest of 4, my sister
and 2 half but fully loved brothers,
the younger of whom was 1 on the
5th of this month.

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Anonymous said...

yea, your sister is sick in the head. we allll know this. arent you glad we grew up?!