Thursday, November 27


the view from my temporary desk, my car!

this is how work feels even
looks that way.

especially today when i've bought
an absolutely heavenly blue yarn
waiting for me to turn it into something
some relative of mine in amsterdam or
croydon will love.

not to mention those two books
sitting at home, waiting for me
to page through them with mental
oohs and aahs.

in any case, i am certainly not
ungrateful for my job nor the
paycheck i got yesterday (chi ching!)
so do not be mistaken.

an idle sketch, tmr i'll post it in its totality.

have a happy evening!


camlikestojam said...

HAHAHAA! this is like something out of cubicle chronicles lol!
i miss having a camera to take pics of random stuff..

fleeting moments said...

very nice. you remind me of... me