Tuesday, November 4

...drum roll please!

There will be a lot of disappointed people tonight,
one way or another,

since both candidates can't win.

If only America was such that both of them
could share the sandbox,
but unfortunately, you can only have one indian chief,

too many cooks spoil the broth, blah blah blah.

I refuse to touch on politics any deeper than that.
Over the past months, I've had friends stop
talking to each other because things become too personal,
and they lose the
ability to respect each other opinions.
I've also heard made up 'facts' about each candidate...
Overall I'm happy the big day has finally come.

I am once again watching the hands of the clock,
on my little lime in the corner (lol)

and anyone who reads this is sure to think
I'm being paid for nothing.
I'd rather anyone who formed this conclusion think instead,
that I'm a great multitasker, fully capable of counting down
to 5pm, blogging AND executing the day's work.

I also found what might be my 67th handbag.

I'm a sucker for patterns.

Random 'me' fact:

I loooooove chocolate, despite the occasional migraine.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

GOOO OBAMA! LOL..and thats as much as i want to get into it too
cute bag!