Thursday, November 20


why is it easier for
us to waste thoughts
on the negative?

i don't think i'm
a pessimist, but i'm never
overly optimistic either.

i'm more of a realist.
i have hopes and i certainly
dream, but i always have
that reservation that things
just may not turn out the
way i might like because
of X factors.

before i stray too far
from what i really wanted
to post on, i think the mornings
are the most stressful time of
the day for me.

(if i could have made that 'the'
any bigger, i would have.)

the stress isn't even work
related stress, its the actual getting
to work that i find stressful.
i honestly can't imagine that
people drive worse anywhere else in
the world, although an italian/german
couple who were visiting told me that
the driving is the same in southern italy.

this morning as i was going down
to work, a bus driver on the other side
decided that he would use my lane
to avoid the bumper to bumper.
below is a rough depiction.

what's even worse is that he
had the nerve to sit there and
gesticulate at me as though i
was in the wrong!

After about 15 mins, some
kind person let him back into
his lane and i went on my way
STEAMING mad... something
like this happens every morning.

after some time, i wondered
why i was letting it upset me
so much, turned up some music
and continued on my almost merry way.

i think its only human to express
anger, fustration, annoyance at
such things but i don't know
why persons internalize and
continually harp on something
that happened days, weeks or years ago.
that sort of thinking creates a mental
nesting area for bitterness, hate
and other poisons.

on the very upside the wkend
is near and i should be looking for
material to get my closet going.

Random me fact
i don't drink soda,
i'm a water or fruit juice person.

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Jah Rootz said...

Random Me Fact:

I randomly pay people in advance to do things like that so you can later blog about it. =)