Wednesday, November 12

Foodie Anonymous

a lil something I did on my down time

today is a rather overcast day,
very rainy, I can hear my bed calling
me to come and wrap up under the
comfort and just sail off into dreamland,
with the sound of the raindrops on the roof.


back to reality.
with roughly 3 hours left in the work day,
maybe more depending on the time
that my Mr. takes to get thru the traffic.
I just had lunch and I'm already thinking
about dinner... so wrong. I should def
join a Food Anonymous the way I love to eat
and the portions at that!

I found this really nice recipe online and
I've been thinking about making this one
weekend when the weather is nice and

I would substitute the scallops, mussels and fish,
for lobster instead...maybe a little fish,
though I am not a huge consumer of fish
(except in sushi...and a nice fried parrot fish with festivals on the beach )

I would also add some scotch bonnet peppers,
and use fire roasted tomatoes instead and
use less butter and more olive oil.

Pair this with some garlic breadsticks
and it should be preeeeeetty good.

Random me fact:

Food is another of my ♥ loves, I am a HUGE foodie!

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