Monday, November 10


i swear i fall in love everyday.

not with people though,
some experiences i've had made
me very wary of people.

today the love i refer to is for furniture.
those things we put in our houses to
make it feel like a home on the inside.
Interior decorating could be my second
calling yet.

I just love these pieces.
I have a deep love for nature,
(everything except roaches)
and these things in my home will
really give me that lil warm feeling
you should have when you walk through
the door.

I found all of these at west elm,
just in case anyone was curious.

my bonsai tree would look
great in one of these.

the furniture bug is biting me hard,
as I'm still finalizing a design for my closet.
something I must complete soon as my
never ending love for handbags has
run me out of space.

Random 'me' fact:

i love red nail polish

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

these are sooo home-y. the oversized domino pieces look fun too ;)