Thursday, February 12


have i mentioned i love art?

just one of the many things
i dabble in, more so than
others since i chose one
of its many paths as my career.

all art forms and media
except perhaps this...
i mean really i'm all for
expressing yourself through
whatever means but keep
the feces in the toilet!

maybe i'm just not avant-garde

anyway, i used to sketch and
paint nonstop until a couple
years ago and i miss it terribly.
i'm more than grateful for my
steady paycheck but fulltime
work occasionally sucks.

i happened upon this blog recently,
Chicken Nugget Lemon Tooty
which i found quite entertaining
and refreshing and made me think
i ought to start sketching again.

those 3 kids (10 and under i believe)
have their drawings posted by
their dad, who is also a top notch

check it out.

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