Monday, January 26

wrong wrong wrong

high fenced hunting or canned hunting.
whatever the name it amounts to
the same thing. animals ranging from
deer and pheasants to lions and rhinos,
bred and/or bought to be hunted by
well paying hunting enthusiasts or
people who just like animal heads
hanging off their living room walls.

let me say first, that i'm bias to some
degree against hunting in general. i
have no issues with hunting if u eat
what u kill. i eat meat, im not an vegan,
and i don't have extreme views either.

i even get that people find great
pleasure in pursuing animals and killing
them, just for sport. don't agree with it but
each to his own. whatever.

i have an issue with canned hunting.
some of the animals are by no means wild,
often times they have been bred or sold
by circuses or zoos, so their defense and
survival instincts are questionable.
and then of course they are within an
enclosure that robbed them of a chance to
escape. This is a video of a lion being shot
against the fence in a canned hunt.
some of the proponents say that 300 acres
is enough area for it to be fair.

after reading a couple articles and getting
a lil riled up about it, i share my opinions
with the Mr. who said for it to really be
a fair hunt, they should go hunting in nothing
but their underwear.

basically it all comes down to ethics and
those vary widely in the hunting community
and those seeking to protect animals. this
article had to be the most neutral one i read,
and pretty much it says to respect other
people's rights to hunt in whatever way they
want. louis theroux of the bbc wrote this
well written, informative article.

my opinion is within the title of this post.

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