Tuesday, January 13

i ♥ food

i loooove food. three xtra Os don't
even justify it. i also like to watch
food oriented shows.

Top Chef

now in season 5, this show is
one of my favourites. i like the
competition aspect and the structure
of the show as well. each episode with
the exception of the finale starts with
a quickfire challenge where the chefs
are tested on their speed and ability
to come up with a dish appropriate to
whatever theme the producers decided.
now... it would probably take me 15 out
of the 30 minutes just to think of something
to cook.
the second challenge is often a group one,
which is where you usually see heads butt
as the chefs have different cooking
backgrounds and of course different
personalities so it makes for interesting tv.
its a fun show and i like to see what
they come up with.

Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations

i love this show. anthony bourdain travels
around the world and experiences the culture
and food of whichever country he's in.
its the culture part i like about this show,
i feel like the show depicts a true representation
of each country, even when he did his
jamaica episode i found it to be somewhat
well rounded. the uptown jamaica is always
left out of commercials and travel shows,
i suppose its not nearly as interesting for tourists
but the lack of depiction is the reason why
i have been asked if jamaicans all live in shacks
or even worse... trees. so it would have been
nice to see that but there's only so much
producers can fit into an hour after all.
exotic country, food and bourdain's
offhandish attitude makes for a good show.

andrew zimmern
on bizarre foods
(also on the travel channel) does the travel
and food bit as well but minus the culture
and i dont really want to watch him eat
bull's testicles or suck the brain out of a
suckling pig's skull. not my thing... at all.

lastly Iron Chef America

now this is just straight cooking.
a challenger chef selects one of the
iron chefs to cook against and they
have one hour to cook a minimum of
5 dishes, all incorporating a secret
ingredient. i learned recently that
both sides are given a list of 3-5
possible ingredients beforehand
so the challenge isnt as difficult
as it seems watching the show.
i like that the judges panel is a little
mixed and varies though 2 of the 3 judges
are always pro food critics.

perhaps my calling should have been
along the lines of food critic

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