Friday, January 23


funny how quickly time flies
when you feel as though
you're at death's door.

having been sick for the past
couple weeks with an on and
off fever and a harsh cough,
which led to laryngitis.
although i had no voice,
thats no excuse for not blogging
since a voice is not required but
i was too content to just become
a part of the couch and just
watch tv (House marathon) and movies
Doubt - watch it, good movie
Slumdog Millionaire - a def watch,
i like bollywood movies on a whole but i
was skeptical about the hype surrounding
this movie, but it was a great movie, loved it.
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory -
no offense to Johnny Depp but this is my
preferred version. i love this movie,
nothing beats the original.

but my sick leave is now up
and i'm back in office with
a raspy voice, grateful that its

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