Wednesday, January 7

point a to b

i'm doing cartwheels and
backflips in my head over
the new car i'm planning to buy.

just need to decide what i'm
going to get first.

this is my old car, the 2007 suzuki swift,
same colour minus kit and with more
subtle rims.

now my budget is about 1.8 m which
works out to be about USD 23 gs.
so i have my eye on the below.

a mazda speed3

i've driven suzuki, kia, honda, mitsubishi,
dodge, no mazda.
no bmw, mercedes benz or audi either but
i'll leave those until after the house
has been paid for.

i'm still searching tho
wouldnt mind one of these

the search will continue on the
wkend when i'll have time to
actually go to the dealers.


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