Tuesday, January 27

day one

yesterday was day one
at the gym. tmr should
be day two but since its
the bday of a very special
lady, i'll have to double up
on thurs and fri.

the wkend is looking quite
promising already, PM is
keeping a wine and cheese
tasting, which i thoroughly
enjoyed the first time.

anyway back to the gym.
being a ballet, gymnastics,
swimming and occasional
tennis girl for most of my
life, i've never really been a
reg gym member. now that
work has taken over and i
have no more time for any
of those things, i'm giving
the gym a try.

it was after some time on the
treadmill and in the weights
room that i realised i have zero
upper body strength.
nil zilch zip nada
none whatsoever.

so i guess thats my goal for the
gym. be able to do a couple pull ups
without grunting and squealing.

ooo and spinning looks fun...

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